Dream Chair Corral – Beagle Chair


Beagle Chair by Linda Axford
Beagle Chair by Linda Axford

Bay Area graphic designer and quilter, Linda Axford created this wonderful new chair.

Linda came to my Dream Chair Saturdays class, which is held once a month at Wooden Gate Quilts in Danville.  She had the quilt with her and we were able to share it with everyone in the class!

It is always so exciting for me to see the work that people are doing with inspiration from “Dream Chair Quilts.”

Linda used the beagle pattern she found in Carol Armstrong’s book of cool dog applique patterns called “Best in Show.”  It was just the perfect size for the chair and Linda just put it right on the seat!

Beagle Chair close up
Beagle Chair close up

The chair is embellished with two sizes of ric rac and has lovely quilting!  Linda is a dab hand at using the Roxanne’s Glue Baste it.  She places little dots of glue from the tiny applicator tip and uses it to tack the ric rac into place until she can sew over it!  It’s a great way to hold the embellishments in place without using pins!

Of course, I love when anyone uses glue on their quilts – so Maverick!

I look forward to seeing more of Linda’s work!

Beagle Chair detail
Beagle Chair detail



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