Dream Chair Corral – Volkswagen!?!

Volkswagen Bug Quilt- by Chris Leach
Volkswagen Bug Quilt - by Chris Leach

OK, so it’s not a chair, but the is quilt was made using the same style as the chairs, so that counts!

My teacher’s pet, Chris Leach, (now Karla, calm down) has sent me photos of her cool Volkswagen Bug Quilt, and I just had to share it with my dear readers!

Chris used steam a seam and fused the raw edge applique, just like we do with the chairs!  Then she took the time to made the black stitching, which really serves to define the shapes.  I know it was a pain to do, Chris, but it was totally worth it!

Volkswagen Bug Quilt - Super close up
Volkswagen Bug Quilt - Super close up

I absolutely love the background map fabric and the peace sign border.

But, I think my two favorite parts are the flowered fabric on the hood and the polka dot interior!  Oh, and the black dot bumper and the way the wheels are turned.

Volkswagen Bug Quilt - Close up
Volkswagen Bug Quilt - Close up

Chris has also made some very cool chairs.  Love them!

Chris's Tree Chair Quilt
Chris's Tree Chair Quilt

6 thoughts on “Dream Chair Corral – Volkswagen!?!

  1. I bought the VW Bug pattern from Ladybug quilts in Manteca….give them a call or email them.

    This would be too much of a project for me to draw…

    Good luck…we need to see the finished quilt if you do one…

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