Volkswagen Bug Quilt Update – Cool Applique Patterns Alert!

Barbie's Bug - pattern by BJ Designs
Barbie's Bug - pattern by BJ Designs

You asked for it… you got it.

I have been getting requests for information about my teacher’s pet’s Volkswagen Bug quilt. In fact, I get about a query a day about it on the blog. IN FACT, her quilt gets so many views that I am beginning to suspect that people like Chris MORE THAN they like ME! I hung it in the Quirkology of Quilts exhibit – so go there and see it, why don’t you!?!

OK, enough already!  I will tell you right here and right now!

Actually I had to do a little detective work to find the pattern. (I would have sooo been a detective if my career as a fashion model/teacher my hadn’t worked out). It turns out that it is from BJ Designs and Patterns out of West Des Moines, Iowa.

Morely J Moose III - Pattern from BJ Designs
Morely J Moose III - Pattern from BJ Designs

My friend and student Chris purchased the bug pattern and the moose pattern (left) at Ladybug’s Quilts, in Manteca California. You can visit them on the web at  Their website is really nice with cool links to quilting resources and a big list of charity opportunities! For those of you wondering how and or where to give time/fabric/quilts to charity, this site is a wonderful resource.

I haven’t had a chance to get by the store yet, but I am adding it to my list of quilting destinations.

I talked to Sherry at Ladybug’s Quilts and she welcomes you to come by or to contact her about the BJ Designs patterns that she carries.

For those of you who love the Dream Chairs, I think you are going to love Barbara Jones’s work from BJ Designs. I detectived out her website which is, “Your place to go for original fabric art and patterns.”

Boot Scootin' - pattern by BJ Designs
Boot Scootin' - pattern by BJ Designs

I was so excited to go to her website and to see the great applique quilts she has designed. Her quilts have wonderful fabrics and great colors. Her borders are right up my alley, mismatched, curvy, or quirky. I especially love her bold designs and her fun and creative approach. Just the right amount of whimsy for me!

I followed up the website visit with a chat with Barbara. It was lovely, and we got to talk shop about being in the “business.”

As she says on her website, “Her desire is to create patterns for fabric art that can be easily read and implemented by an intermediate-level quilter.”

For a look at all of her different patterns, you can visit her at  She has animal patterns and “other” patterns.  Her business is wholesale, so she only sells to fabric stores, but she has a list of stores that carry her work organized by state. (Click here BJ Designs by State) If you don’t have a store near you, I bet you could get your local store to order you up a passel of cool BJ Designs patterns.

Happy sewing!

Gotta' Love my Bus - pattern from BJ Designs
Gotta' Love my Bus - pattern from BJ Designs

 I love this bus quilt!


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