Who are you calling too young to sew?

Needle case - snapped shut

Needle case - snapped shut

Have I ever mentioned how crazy I am about all of my nieces and nephews? I absolutely adore each and every one of them (even the sardonic one). For those of you (nuts) who have read each and every word of Maverick Quilts, you know that I dedicated the book to them and now I even have a new little baby niece. Yeah!

Last week I got the chance to sew with my Great Niece who is 2 and 3/4. (She’s my oldest niece’s daughter and she is GREAT!)  She sits on my sewing table or on a step stool and says, “I help. I do it. Me.” She jabs the fabric with pins (don’t tell her dad) and has learned stab, lift, and poke to pin the fabric correctly!

We made a pillow together. I position the fabric under the presser foot. She leans on the gas pedal, which we place up on the sewing table. I say go and stop, and she is great about starting and stopping at the right time. She presses the thread cut button and then helps pull out all the pins and puts them back in the pincushion. We made a darling cupcake pillow with a minkee back. It was sooo fun!

Look at this cutie with her pincushion and the cute pillow we made!

Look at this cutie with the pincushion and the darling pillow we made!

Another of  my favorite sewing experiences was last March when got to quilt with my niece, the budding quilter, Lucia. You might remember the great Boudoir Chair she made for me that was featured in the Quirkology of Quilts museum show we had in the fall.  See this post.

Lucia and I started sewing together when she was three. We would do the gas pedal on the table trick. She was already figuring out how to match fabric, sew strips together, press, subcut and sew again! She wielded the scissors without fear, and I was just there – holding on for dear life.

Kitty & Duck Quilt, by Lucia, February 2008

Kitty & Duck Quilt, by Lucia, February 2008

She is the only person who has ever made me a quilt. Now, two quilts! The first one (above) was really for my cat, Scott. She was three and a half years old.

Reading a sewing pattern

Reading a sewing pattern

She was seven when I visited her last March. We cut out a flowered dress, sewed a head band, and made an armchair quilt with some kitty fabric. How funny is it that we have the same expression on our pursed lips?

She did all the cutting and gluing

She did all the cutting and gluing

It was a hot day and we were tired, but she persevered and got the top ready for quilting.

Lookin' good!

Lookin' good!

She made a carved border, added appliques and eventually the quilt was stretched on a frame. She gave it away as a wedding gift! Lucky bride!

She lives far away (boo hoo), but I hear that she has been sewing a lot lately. The report is that she has been doing a lot of hand sewing and needed more fabric and more needles. So, being the loving auntie I am, I made a little needle case to send to her.

I took an orphan quilt block, a plain piece of fabric, a piece of flannel for batting, and sewed rick rack into the seam to make a rectangle.

Needle case - open

Needle case - open

Then, I made two felt needle holders, stuffed with wool batting. Wool helps wick moisture away and keeps the needles sharp and free of rust.  I added a cool little double-ended needle threader and I went to the fabric store and bought a cute pair of embroidery scissors. I added an elastic strap to hold the them in place.

Needle case - folded once

Needle case - folded once

I had a strip of snap fabric and I attached snaps to make it shut up nicely.

Needle case - snapped shut

Needle case - snapped shut

I added a button on the outside – just for looking at! It covers the sewing where I attached the snap on the other side.

Love the rick rack!

It went out in the mail today along with a new pincushion, flower head pins and some Valentine fabric. I can’t wait until she gets it!

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