An Extraordinary Thing Happened to Me…

Pink Tea Kettle

Pink Tea Kettle

An Extraordinary Thing Happened to Me… Someone made me a quilt!

A real two-sided, appliqued, stitched, bound and buttoned quilt. I am so excited!

You see, it happened like this…

"We love cooking with Grantie."

"We love cooking with Grantie."

I was at home, cooking with my great-niece and -nephew. Everything was under control – really! And I get this phone call from Sue, the wonderful teacher who took over the Home Ec program for me when I went on this leave of absence (to be the Maverick Quilter). She says, “Hi, Biggie! Can I stop by and bring you something” (I call her Mini Me and she calls me Biggie Me.)

"Just doing a little quality control."

"Just doing a little quality control."

"This IS helpful!"

"This IS helpful!"

Before you can say, “Hey kids, stop licking up all the batter or it will spoil your appetite,” I was holding this fabulous quilt in my grubby little hands.

Tea Kettle Quilt, by Sue Applin; 2012

Tea Kettle Quilt, by Sue Applin; 2012

I was astonished. Can you believe it?!? In all of my years quilting, this is the first time someone has made something like this for me! I absolutely love it and plan to cuddle it for many years to come.

A little bird told Sue that I might be in need of some quilty love, due to the upcoming personality transplant I am going to have next week, and she says she was inspired by the Loving Hearts blog post. She decided to JUST DO IT, and she made the background, quilted it, and added the binding, before adding the appliques and buttons.

Yellow Tea Kettle

Yellow Tea Kettle

The dark stitching outlines the kettle and forms the handle. Topped off with a button for the lid bauble – love it!

She told me that it wasn’t perfect, and that is so funny because I say that every time I give someone a quilt, too. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been quilting for a week or a decade, you always can see the flaws in what you make. But the advice I’ve gotten over and over and that I will pass on to you is – Don’t point out the flaws! Usually no one notices but you!

One is just so delighted that someone went to all that trouble to make something beautiful for them, and they love it just as it is!

Thank you Sue – It’s wonderful! You rock!


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3 responses to “An Extraordinary Thing Happened to Me…

  • Rosie

    I saw it I love it, very creative and cute. I am starting to learn free motion machine quilting, and Sue’s quilting is so much better than mine, I am jealous! Biggie? really?

    • maverickquilts

      Oh Rosie, yes Mini’s quilting is very good, but you know your hand quilting eclipses anything Mini or Biggie can ever do – we are forever jealous of you!
      And, by the way I’ve got an inch in height and a good 30 pounds on Mini! So that makes me Biggie, for sure!

  • sandy j

    WOW that is wonderful you deserve it! I don’t know you Sue but I am really happy that you made Alethea so happy.

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