Art = LOVE

Detail of Yarn Monster, by Erica Sirotich; 2012
Detail of Yarn Monster, by Erica Sirotich; 2012

I am in LOVE!

It’s only happened a few times in my life – when I come across an artist whose work really blows me away — and that happened yesterday!

I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco, and, you know, wandered around, looked at all the booths, explored the stores in Japantown’s mall, and ate meat on a stick – yum!

Then I went into a big building that had an Atrist’s Village set up. Each vendor had a table with their art on display. Everything was super cool, I have to say! (The venue is a new three-story store called the New People Building, and you can go and see it next weekend, April 21 & 22. But no Erica that weekend. Boo, but see other options, below.)

And that’s where I fell in love with the most wonderful, whimsical, clever, intriguing prints I had ever seen!

detail of Yarn Monster, by Erica Sirotich; 2012
detail of Yarn Monster, by Erica Sirotich; 2012

They are the work of young and darling artist, Erica Sirotich.

This is my book letterpress, by Erica Sirotich
This is my book letterpress, by Erica Sirotich

Erica was selling many of her prints, cards, stamps, and letterpress art.

You have to believe me, there is something really special and exciting about this work.

I had the opportunity to talk to Erica a little bit, and I learned that she uses all archival inks and papers, as well as archival quality printing processes. She says that she draws the images, inks them, transfers them into the computer and then colors them in photoshop. Then she uses fine giclee printing processes to get archival-quality results.

Erica’s has sweet, creative drawings for children and children’s rooms. If you’re looking for something special for a child, she will personalize it especially for you.

She will also make personalized wedding or party invitations. You can see examples this work on her website.

And you won’t believe how reasonable the prices are!

Shrimp shadow detail, by Erica Sirotich
Shrimp shadow detail, by Erica Sirotich

Look at these Vikings riding a whale with their dog (who has a Viking hat), are you kidding! I’m in love.

While she creates many of the illustrations for children, there are also plenty of images made for a more mature audience. It is this work that makes me feel like a grown up child. Even with my adult experiences and foibles, the wit and whimsy of the work brings me to a sweeter, more curious, and absolutely delighted version of myself. I know there are many of you who know just what I mean and how rare it is to waken the little big girl inside of us. I find myself wanting to explore all of the details in the work, from the looks on the faces, through all of the little nuances and relationships of the characters, and to the delicacy of colors and designs.

Shrimp Shadow, by Erica Sirotich
Shrimp Shadow, by Erica Sirotich

Her Pajama-clad Vikings riding on the whale in this print are fabulous! My friend was lucky enough to get one of these as a gift for a friend – I regret not getting one for me!

I’m giving you some great links to see much of Erica’s work – you have to go and see these links. Click on ALL of these sites to see EVERYTHING! I have spoken!

Click here for Erica’s delightful website.

Click here for Erica’s lovely blog.

To see a different set of Erica’s work check out (and see more of Yarn Monster!).

Her work can also be found at the Collector Art Shop in Berkeley, California (Which I am adding to my Places I Must Go To ASAP list now that I’ve seen the website. It looks really great!).

Cuddlefishpress card
Cuddlefishpress card

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