4 thoughts on “Where’s Waldolethea?

  1. Love your Dream Chairs, I have made a wing chair, very traditional, a settee in artsy fabrics and a chaise is oversize florals. In each I have added a footstool with a dog sitting on it to personalize for my daughters. Need to make one for myself and already have the schnauzer for my footstool. Pics on my blog.
    I agree these are the most fun projects!!! Great work!!!

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Thank you for letting me know about these great art quilts! I went over to your blog – its so fun. I am glad you think the chairs are fun and versatile! I love all the personalized touches you added to the quilts, especially the dogs on footstools – so cute.
      Hey, dear readers! Here’s colleen’s blog where you can see her chair quilts and many more! Check it out!

  2. Oh, Alethea, where was I when it was announced you were teaching the chair class at Sisters???? I’m actually going for the first time and sorry to miss out on the opportunity. I’m sure you’ll offer it closer to home some time soon 🙂 The photos in this posting are terrific!

  3. Hi Maverick Quilts. We need to have one of those on that wing back chair. Store’s opening tomorow. Look forward to seeing you when you get back

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