Wish Upon a Card – Job Done!

Flower Bouquet Postcard, By Alethea Ballard

Flower Bouquet Postcard, By Alethea Ballard

The trip to Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show was amazing, and I have so much to share!

I couldn’t have been happier with the beautiful framing job that HighDesert Frameworks! created for my quilted fabric postcard.

You will recall my earlier post, where I agonized about working in such a small scale, but it was all worth it because the postcard sold at the full donation price of, wait for it,… $400.00!!!



The bidding started at $50.00 and it got up to $150, before it was snatched up by someone very kind and generous (with great taste!)!

Alethea with Postcard

Alethea with Postcard

I was so very proud and happy!

Since 2007 this Community Partnership project has raised more than $60,000 for Wendy’s Wish/St. Charles Cancer Care Center.  Wendy’s Wish helps local cancer patients maintain their quality of life by assisting with non-medical expenses during treatment.


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