Four Patch quilts and Snowball’s Chance – plus a new notion!!!

Jamie's Four Patch
Jamie’s Four Patch

Over the past three weeks I had the privilege of teaching a beginning quilting class at the Sewing Machine Shop in Walnut Creek. We covered the fundamentals of patchwork including rotary cutting, pressing, chain sewing and lacing.

Judy's Four Patch
Judy’s Four Patch

We created wonderful four patch quilts with two borders.

Debra's Four Patch
Debra’s Four Patch

This fun Halloween quilt has glow-in-the-dark spiderweb fabric for the outer border – so fun!

I really loved the class and I really enjoyed working with my sweet students. I was also very proud of their quilts.

Cindy's first Snowball's Chance block!
Cindy’s first Snowball’s Chance block!

Today was the first meeting for the Snowball’s Chance quilt class at In Between Stitches in Livermore, and we had a great time!

Everyone was cutting and sewing like mad.

The blocks are coming out very nicely and I’ll be able to share the quilt tops with you after we meet next month.

Snowball's Chance blocks in progress
Snowball’s Chance blocks in progress

I’m always interested to see how my students interpret each quilt differently! There is going to be an I-Spy version and an elegant brown and teal version (not pictured yet). Ann is making a great jungle version with tons of animal prints for her daughter’s classroom, and there are these other fun ones coming along!

We had a fun day, which included a bit of “shopping!” In our search we discovered a great new notion! Check it out…

Nifty notion!
Nifty notion!

Clover’s Wonder Clips are used for working with oilcloth and laminates, doing bias bindings, and holding quilt bindings in place for hand stitching. One of the members of class swears by them. They hold tightly and there are no more scratches from pins!

Clover's Wonder Clips!
Clover’s Wonder Clips!

There are ten in a package, which retails for $6.95. I bought two sets to give as gifts for by sewing friends. Which just means I’ll have to buy myself a set now. Dang! I should have thought of that!

And so versatile!
And so versatile!

It has a nifty legend on the back that shows all the ways it can be used for checking measurements and holding things. This ROCKS!

Late addition: check out this Pintrest photo of a great Snowball Quilt. It’s made by Valerie Page and it’s for sale!