It’s a Mystery…

Don’t be scared – no one dies in this mystery.  I have been designing a mystery quilt. Why?  I don’t know.  Because if I went to a mystery class and I didn’t like the quilt I made I would be bummed, and since everyone’s taste is so different that is a definite possibility!  However, the quilt I am designing is super cool.  You would make different parts and when the whole thing comes together it would be amazing.

In fact, I like it so much I might just have to make it a real pattern to share and sell for everyone.

Stay tuned…


Maverick Quilts

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Hello, and welcome to my blog.  Read about my endeavors to create wonderful quilts and to use fabrics I love.

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Strap On Your Spurs…

What is a maverick quilter?  You probably are if you’re reading this.  I think a maverick is someone who knows what the rules are yet decides to do things their own way anyway.  You might cut wonky, sew funny, use dramatic fabrics, use glue sticks, mangle things.  But you don’t let the quilt police slow you down.  And you have fun while you’re sewing – no fussy – no fuddy duddy.

Join me for the ride – It’s going to be a blast!