Alethea Ballard is an artist, author and quilter.  She gets her inspirations from a quirky palette of fabrics that she buys wherever she goes.  Her quilts’ colors and designs are influenced by Van Gogh and other post-impressionist artists.  She creates vibrant and exciting quilts, using clear colors and cheerful images.  She MUST HAVE the largest scale florals and the most interesting conversation prints!  Her quick, exuberant working style is a reflective of her impatience with convention, her spontaneity, and her artistic sensibility.

A veteran middle school English teacher and then a Home Economics teacher, Alethea’s new life as a professional quilter and author is the culmination of all her education and work experiences.  Alethea’s enthusiasm for her subjects is contagious to her students and her expertise and easy working style makes them feel inspired.

As her quilts have became unique and her visual style distinct, Alethea has written Dream Chair Quilts, 7 patterns for whimsical wallhangings, and the upcoming Maverick Quilts, both from C & T Publishing.  Eager to share her passion for fabric, color and design, Alethea’s quilt patterns are designed to encourage quilters to create with joy and a sense of freedom from traditional rules.  Alethea’s amazing quilts are inspiring a new generation of quilters to bust out, leave fussy behind, and use those fabrics they love to make quilts they love!

Her internet home is MaverickQuilts.com

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