Where Cuckoo Women Create

Mavis Quinn
Mavis Quinn

This is a special report from Mavis Quinn, cub reporter for Where Cuckoo Women Create Magazine .com.org.biz

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the amazing Maverick Quilter Alethea Ballard and seeing her wonderful house where she makes her exuberant quilts!

I had heard so much about these alleged exuberant quilts, and seeing them in person really was something else – Ouch! – sorry – I just tweaked my shoulder writing that.  (My arm is in a cast, as I took a bit of a fall getting into her sewing room – but that’s another story)

As a roving reporter for Where Cuckoo Women Create Magazine.com.org.biz I am trained in all sorts of self-defense moves, first aid, and evasive manoeuvres, and, believe me when I say, I used them all on this visit!

Upon arrival at Alethea’s delightful home, I tripped over the front door, chipped a tooth, bumped into the couch that blocked the way, and I was directly  in the “State of the Art Sewing Center.”

State of the Art Sewing Center
State of the Art Sewing Center

Alethea does her custom “scribbly” quilting right by the front door on this sweet HQ 16 sewing machine.  Her delightful matching box and bag storage system from Le Back Dumpster in Cappuccino and Cafe O’Lay colors is just right for the decor of this area.  Versatile and fashion forward!  Alethea has acquired the latest in power systems in this amazing orange extension cord layout.

Just around the coffee table and beyond the Lay-Z-Boy is the office where Alethea’s books and patterns get written.

Modern Office
Modern Office

I felt privileged standing in this delightful sunny corner of the living room.  Of course, I couldn’t sit down – I mean, where would I?  I know Alethea is a short person, but does she really need three binders to sit on?  I spied more of the matching Caffe Latte-colored storage box system in use in the office area; such a great way to tie the two work areas together.  A delightful lamp was somewhere there on the desk, and, I believe, some fine art might have been on the walls behind some stuff.

At this point I took a quaalude and asked for a refreshment to help calm my nerves.

After a brief coffee break I used 200 joules from my portable External Defibrillator Device to shock my heart, as the mud Alethea calls coffee sent me into cardiac arrest or atrium fibberlation or something.  Following that, I was given a tour of the elusive sewing room.

Wow!  I mean OW!  Was I in for a treat!

At first, I couldn’t find the door behind all the piles of fabric in the hall, and then I had that accident I mentioned.  I was standing there all peaceful-like, and the next thing I knew I was a*s over t*ts and had dislocated my shoulder.  I then used my emergency shoulder sling to tie my arm to my body, and I was ready for the adventure called the Sewing Room!

Cutting Table and Open Floor Area
Cutting Table and Open Floor Area

The ceiling was adorned with colorful Chinese lanterns and the cobwebs draping them only added to the bijou feeling. The room has very handy design walls on three sides and each one is just layered with unfinished projects!  I mean layered – as in what the h**l!

I was able to see the convenient cutting/ironing table.  It’s that thing on the left there.  It is just the right height for ergonomic cutting and ironing.  You know, a maverick quilter does want to work comfortably!  And notice the inches of floor space available for someone to stand and cut.  We should all be so lucky to have that kind of work space!  And yes, music fans – that IS an accordion case there – don’t ask!

Corner Sewing Kiosk and Scrap Storage Area
Corner Sewing Kiosk and Scrap Storage Area

Alethea’s fabric is such a prominent feature of the room and her scrap strips were practically spilling out of their mocha-colored box.  Actually they were TOTALLY spilling out of the box.  Some got wrapped around my shoe and it took 10 minutes to free myself from the mess.  But this isn’t about me.

Speaking of fabric – there is nothing more inspiring than a well-organized fabric storage area.  Boy – what can I say about this?

Floor to Ceiling Fabric Storage System
Floor to Ceiling Fabric Storage System

It is DEFINITELY floor to ceiling – and more floor, too!  Wow – just think of all the quilts and stuff that can be made from all of this fabric!  I really can’t think about it because my head really hurts right now – but you, dear reader, go right ahead.

And lastly I come to the main design wall, and what can I say?

Cutting Edge Design Wall
Cutting Edge Design Wall

Are you kidding me?

I am heading out to my MRI now to see if they can find what is causing that ringing in my ears and the tunnel vision I have been having since my trauma, I mean special visit, to this unusual quilter’s home.

That’s all from Where Cuckoo Women Create Magazine .com.org.biz, I am Mavis Quinn stumbling off…

5 thoughts on “Where Cuckoo Women Create

  1. Mavis Quinn, you rock! Oh my God, absolutely laugh-out-loud hilarious! Hope she visits again sometime.

  2. LOL!!!! I’m sorry Mavis had such a traumatic experience, but gratified to know there’s at least one quilter out there with less space to maneuver than I have! And she’s a professional…

  3. You are so funny Mavis. I read this out loud to my husband and we were both roaring with laughter. I would be injured to visit this place too let alone work in it. When too many things start to close in on me I just have to clear the decks. Only things missing were five cats and three dogs.

    1. I love when the husbands help out like that! Mine is so sweet – he draws up all my patterns on his cad computer program!
      You’ll love it when it’s all clean! Mine’s pretty good right now – but every time I clean up I find more UFOs!

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